"Aquila was a fine town. It was cool in the summer at night and the spring in Abruzzi was the most beautiful in Italy. But what was truly beautiful was autumn, when one could enter the forests of chestnut trees"

Ernest Hemingway


Abruzzo is a beautiful region in central Italy, surrounded by the seas, mountains and nature reserves. Our many churches and ancient castles will give you the opportunity to choose the best location to celebrate the happiest day of your life.

Pescara is the region's economic centre. Just 200 km from Rome, it has an airport with several flights daily to destinations such as: London, Moscow, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Oslo and Barcelona.
To the east lies its 130 km coastline on the Adriatic Sea, to the west of the mountain ranges that like majestic cathedrals, watch over Abruzzo's natural parks.
In colder seasons, you can rent a pair of skis and descend the mountains while looking out onto the sea ... A unique Italian landscape.

Our rich land can fulfill any desire, be it relaxation or hedonism.

Its sea, mountains, lakes, parks and culture, lots of it, its history and traditions, passed down over the years make it possible to come across stylistically medieval villages, "where it seems that time has stopped," to quote Henry Cartier Bressons, the pioneer of photo-journalism, who studied and photographed our land, ultimately falling in love with it.

With 20 villages, Abruzzo is the second-ranked region in the "most beautiful villages in Italy" rankings, places where you can go back in time and discover these places, with many still untouched, accompanied by the locals' sometimes moving wisdom and hospitality.

If you are looking for nature's refreshments just let yourselves be taken to the Abruzzo National Park which is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy, stretching over an area of 496 KM2, where thanks to nature's encouragement you can enjoy some hard-earned relaxation. 


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