Cacio Marcetto cheese


 This is a higly-scented creamy Pecorino cheese with a very strong flavuor and wich is golden yellow in coulor. Its cgharateristhics are due to the development of Piophila casei fly larvae during the maturing period of the cheese. At one time it was produced in all the region central areas but now it can found mainly around Castel Del Monteand the more inland areas of the province of Teramo.

Duringthe ageing phase. when there may stili be some whey present, wheels of cheese that are not yet quite mature or with cracks in the lind, may be attacked by the cheese fly which Iays its eggs there. Thus, as the larva e develop. the process of deterioration begins, chieflyof the proteins. So the cheese becomes creamy and tangy. When this process has spreed through the whole cheese, the wheel is left out in the open air or wrapped in white cloths to allow the larvae to escape. The cream is then transferred to terracotta or glass jars and is consumed as it is or mixed with other cheese. The cheeses extreme piquancy is its real feature and makes it a prized item with connoisseurs.





















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