Scanno Lake

Lake scanno

It was a gigantic landslide from Mount Genzana that blocked the Sagittario valley and created lake Scanno, the most attractive and popular of the Abruzzo lakes. The vast basin lies at 922 metres asl, between two interesting old towns,Villalago and Scanno, at the foot of Montagna Grande’s dense woods, on the boundary of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.The steep rocky slopes of the Mount Genzana Reserve loom over the lake to the east. When the water level is at its maximum, lake Scanno reaches 36 metres in depth. The lake’s only tributary above ground level is the River Tasso, which flows down from Mount Marsicano and the Ferroio di Scanno pasturelands; there are no surface confluents that take the lake’s waters towards the Sagittario valley. The water height remains stable thanks to the presence of underwater tributaries, since evaporation caused by the climate is minimal. Together with the nearby historical town centre of Scanno, the lake is the Sagittario valley main tourist attraction. For decades it has drawn tourists who enjoy its environment and its climate, attracted by the beauty spots and the weather. The lake is excellent for swimming, surfing and canoeing, or even just renting a pedal boat. After a stroll, a pause to do some birdwatching or a canoe or pedal boat excursion, why not continue up to Scanno, the splendid medieval town and one of the most famous and distinctive in Abruzzo.The old centre’s magnificent ancient houses lean close to one another, flanked by mansions, staircases, narrow lanes, and many women still wear a traditional costume decorated with examples of the fine goldsmithery and pillow lace made here.

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